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Observations on Scholarly Impact, October 2023

This semester, we have been curious as to the impact of promotion of our faculty scholarship, specifically our institution’s SSRN paper series. Our inquiry extended to how broadly a work is promoted, distributed, and how descriptive is its metadata via SSRN.  We typically distribute issues of our paper series multiple times throughout an academic year.  Some observations:

Downloads of works with tiles that include a case name increased by 21% in the week after distribution. No additional promotion efforts were undertaken during that time frame, for this example.

Professor Anne Marie Lofaso Comments on Murray v. UBS Securities, LLC in Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases

West Virginia University College of Law professor Anne Marie Lofaso recently published in the ABA's PREVIEW of United States Supreme Court Cases. Professor Lofaso comments on an upcoming employment law case, Murray v. UBS Securities LLC, Docket No. 22-660, to be heard in the October 2023 term. The article is titled "Under the Sarbanes–Oxley Act, Must Whistleblower–Employees Prove Their Employer Acted With Retaliatory Intent?" Professor Lofaso's contribution appears in volume 51, issue 1 of the journal, published in September 2023.

Case at a Glance:

Professor Sean Tu Publishes New Article in Berkeley Technology Law Journal

New scholarship by West Virginia University College of Law professor S. Sean Tu appears in the latest issue of the Berkeley Technology Law Journal.  The article, "Antibody Patents: Use of the Written Description and Enablement Requirements at the Patent & Trademark Office" is now published in volume 38, issue 1 of the journal.  Professor Tu co-authored the work with Professor Christopher Holman of the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law.

From the abstract:

Professor Kirsha Trychta Speaks on Themis NextGen Bar Panel

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, West Virginia University College of Law Professor and Director of the Academic Excellence Center Kirsha Trychta joined a panel of academic excellence and bar success experts to discuss the latest developments in the NextGen bar exam. The program was titled "NextGen Examined" and was hosted by Themis Bar Review as a webinar.

A recording of the webinar is available from Themis Bar Review review: register here to view.