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Professor Jena Martin Speaks at UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

West Virginia College of Law professor Jena Martin recently moderated a panel at the United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday, November 25, 2019. Professor Martin moderated a session titled "Voices from the Ground" during which participants offered insights into the lives and struggles of human rights defenders and community representatives and highlighted their expectations to businesses, investors and governments. Professor Martin guided discussions on achievements in defending human rights in business, common challenges, and what business, investors, and government entities can do to improve safety for human rights defenders and respect for human rights in their countries.

Read more of Professor Martin's scholarship on SSRN and find Professor Martin on Twitter @jenatmartin.

Professor Van Nostrand Speaks at Northwestern University Research Roundtable on Energy

West Virginia University College of Law professor James Van Nostrand recently spoke at the Fourth Annual Research Roundtable on Energy Regulation, Technology, and Transaction Costs: Cross-Cutting Perspectives. The event was held at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.  Professor Van Nostrand was one of four speakers to present scholarship. His talk was titled "Quantifying the Resilience Value of Distributed Energy Resources".

Read more of Professor Van Nostrand's scholarship on SelectedWorks and SSRN.

Professor Richardson Interviewed on Ag Law in the Field Podcast Episode #68

West Virginia University College of Law professor Jesse Richardson was recently interviewed by Tiffany Lashmet on episode #68 of the Ag Law in the Field podcast. The podcast is an interview series examining issues in agricultural law. In episode 68 of the podcast, Professor Richardson joined other experts in the field to share their observations of the oral argument in County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund , a Clean Water Act case, heard at the Supreme Court of the United States on November 6, 2019. 

Professor Trychta Appointed as Secretary of AALS Section on Academic Support

West Virginia University College of Law professor and Director of the Academic Excellence Center Kirsha Trychta has been selected to serve as secretary of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Academic Support. Professor Trychta will serve a three-year term in succeeding positons. First, as secretary, then as chair-elect, and finally as section chair. Professor Trychta will take office in January 2020.