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Professor Jena Martin Publishes New Article in Virginia Law and Business Review

West Virginia University College of Law professor Jena Martin and co-author Rachel Chambers of the University of Connecticut School of Business recently published new scholarship in the Virginia Law & Business Review. The article is titled The Securities and Exchange Commission as Human Rights Enforcer? and appears in volume 18 of the journal.

From the abstract:

Professor Jena Martin Publishes Commentary on Facebook and the SEC with The Conversation

West Virginia University College of Law professor Jena Martin recently posted commentary at The Conversation on Facebook about potential action by the SEC based on public statements by Mark Zuckerberg that contradict the company's internal documents. The issue in controversy is Facebook's enforcement on its policy for offensive material. Zuckerberg's public statements indicate that all Facebook users are on equal footing with regard to application of the policy while internal documents suggest otherwise. Professor Martin offers expert commentary as a scholar and former enforcement attorney with the SEC. The article is titled "Why Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg may be in hot water with the SEC".

Find more of Professor Martin's scholarship on SSRN and on her SelectedWorks scholarship profile.