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Professor Jena Martin Presents New Scholarship at University of Connecticut Workshop

West Virginia University College of Law Professor Jena Martin recently presented a work-in-progress as part of the Business & Human Righst Workshop Series hosted by University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute. With her co-author, Dr. Rachel Chambers, Professor Martin discussed a new paper titled "A Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for Human Rights". The workshop was held virtually on March 18, 2021.

From the abstract:

Professors Martin and Titolo to Publish New Scholarship on USPS

West Virginia College of Law Professors Jena Martin and Matthew Titolo recently posted new scholarship to SSRN. The article, The United States Postal Service: The One Word that Makes all the Difference, will appear in the Texas Law Review later this year. Professors Martin and Titolo were also featured on The Conversation to discuss related topics on October 22, 2020: Mail delays, the election and the future of the US Postal Service: 5 questions answered.

From the abstract:

New Citations to WVU Law Faculty Scholarship, January - March 2020

The scholarship of West Virginia University College of Law faculty members is frequently cited as authority in numerous legal disciplines. The following is a list of faculty authored works cited this winter between January 1 and March 20, 2020.  (Some citing articles dated 2019 appeared in print and/or on Westlaw in early 2020.) 

Valarie Blake

Professor Jena Martin Speaks at UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

West Virginia College of Law professor Jena Martin recently moderated a panel at the United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday, November 25, 2019. Professor Martin moderated a session titled "Voices from the Ground" during which participants offered insights into the lives and struggles of human rights defenders and community representatives and highlighted their expectations to businesses, investors and governments. Professor Martin guided discussions on achievements in defending human rights in business, common challenges, and what business, investors, and government entities can do to improve safety for human rights defenders and respect for human rights in their countries.

Read more of Professor Martin's scholarship on SSRN and find Professor Martin on Twitter @jenatmartin.