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"The Wrongful Convictions Reader" Edited by Professor Valena Beety is Reviewed in Cardozo Law Review de novo

The Wrongful Convictions Reader edited by West Virginia University Law professor Valena Beety with Russell Covey of Georgia State University College of Law was recently reviewed in Cardozo Law Review de novo.

"A Review of The Wrongful Convictions Reader: A Comprehensive Resource for Students, Faculty, and Practitioners" is wrtten by Stephanie Roberts Hartung. a professor at Northeastern University School of Law. In her review, Professor Hartung praises the book as a compilation that "offer[s] new perspectives to seasoned practitioners and scholars in the field" while it also "lends itself nicely to curricular organization for purposes of serving as a course textbook".

Professor Beety featured at Long-Form Scholarship Celebration

West Virginia University College of Law professor Valena Beety is featured in the university's annual Long-Form Scholarship Celebration. In partnership with the WVU Humanities Center and the WVU Press, the Provost's office recognizes the achievements of faculty and staff members who have published a book, released a cd, or produced a full-length work in another medium including art, theater, film, and dance. This year Professor Beety's Book, the Wrongful Convictions Reader, is featured.

The Wrongful Convictions Reader is co-authored by Professor Beety and Russell D. Covey of Georgia State University College of Law. It was published in October 2018.

Professor Valena Beety co-edits "The Wrongful Convictions Reader"

WVU Law professor Valena Beety co-edited a new book titled The Wrongful Convictions Reader contributes to a new text published by Wolters Kluwer with Georgia State law professor Russell D. Covey.  The book is published by Carolina Academic Press.

The Wrongful Convictions Reader explores the core contributing factors to wrongful convictions: false confessions, witness misidentifications, cognitive bias, junk science, police and prosecutorial misconduct, and ineffective assistance of counsel.