Professor Jesse Richardson Publishes New Scholarship in Drake Journal of Agricultural Law

West Virginia University College of Law professor Jesse Richardson recently published new scholarship in volume 28 of the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law. The article is titled "Solutions for Heirs Property Owners" and was originally presented at the 43rd  Annual AALA Agriculatural Law Educational Symposium on November 11, 2022.  Professor Richardson's co-author is Amber Miller of Crenshaw, Dupree & Milam, LLP.

From the abstract:

Professor Jena Martin Publishes New Article in Virginia Law and Business Review

West Virginia University College of Law professor Jena Martin and co-author Rachel Chambers of the University of Connecticut School of Business recently published new scholarship in the Virginia Law & Business Review. The article is titled The Securities and Exchange Commission as Human Rights Enforcer? and appears in volume 18 of the journal.

From the abstract:

Research Repository Update: February 2024

During February 2024, the contents of the  WVU College of Law community in the Research Repository @ WVU had 17,249 new full-text downloads of the 5,805 total works archived in our collections. Readers came from 1,403 different institutions across 150 different countries and territories. This brings the total full-text downloads of scholarship from the College of Law collections to 656,214.

Law faculty scholarship was downloaded a total of 4,545 times in February 2024. The most downloaded articles from the  faculty scholarship collection last month are:

Professor Sean Tu Publishes in Nature Biotechnology

West Virginia College of Law professor  S. Sean Tu recently published a new article in Nature Biotechnology The article, titled& "Biologic patent challenges under the America Invests Act," is co-authored by Professor Tu with Victor L. Van de Wiele and Aaron Kesselheim, both of the Program on Regulation, Therapeutics, and Law at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  It was published online by the journal on March 15, 2024.

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New Citations to WVU Law Scholarship, October to December 2023

The scholarship of West Virginia University College of Law faculty members is frequently cited as authority in numerous legal disciplines. The following is a list of faculty authored works cited and made available on Westlaw Precision between October 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023.