Professor Joshua Weishart Publishes Forthcoming Book Chapter to SSRN

WVU Law Professor Joshua Weishart recently published a forthcoming book chapter to SSRN.  The chapter is titled The Constitutionally Anomalous Right to Education .  It will appear in the Handbook of U.S. K-12 Education Law, published by Oxford University Press in 2020.

From the Abstract:

This chapter clarifies the nature of right to education in the United States. It analyzes constitutional text and the judicial decisions from the past half-century to identify the right’s form, function, and scope. These interrelated, constitutive parts reveal (i) the duties and freedoms conferred by the right, (ii) the purpose and content of those educational entitlements, (iii) the conditions by which the right can be vindicated in courts, and (iv) the range of potential remedies. Properly construed and exercised, the right to education carries the political and legal force to compel the state to protect children from the harms of educational deprivations and disparities.

The chapter also appeared in Vol. 6, Issue 1 of the WVU College of Law Research Paper Series.