Professor Sean Tu Awarded Research Grant by National Institute for Health Care Management

West Virginia Unviversity College of Law Professor Sean Tu will receive a research grant from the National Institute of Health Care Management in 2023-2024. NIHCM awards grants to those who initiate work that will "advance evidence on a broad range of factors that contribute to rising health care costs and ongoing health care disparities."

Professor Tu's project is called "Improving Competitive Drug Markets by Reviewing Patents." He will be joined on the project by Aaron S. Kesselheim of Harvard University and Victor van de Wiele of the University of Cambridge.

Summary of the Project:

Generic and biosimilar drugs save consumers billions of dollars and improve health by reducing cost-related barriers to access. The timely availability of these products depends on their patents, so this study will compare the effectiveness of different strategies used to review the validity of drug patents, including litigation and administrative proceedings within the US Patent and Trademark Office. Findings may help policymakers modify intellectual property protection rules to enhance the competitiveness of the US drug market.

Find more of Professor Tu's scholarship on SSRN.

A headshot of Professor S. Sean Tu.