Professors Krech, Haught, Cyphert, and Stimeling Teach Legal Writing CLE in Columbus, Ohio

On March 12, 2019, West Virginia University College of Law professors Jessica Haught, Melanie Stimeling, Amy Cyphert, and David Krech taught a full day CLE program in Columbus, Ohio. The CLE was a two-day program entitled “Legal Writing & Appellate Advocacy 2019”. WVU law faculty taught on the first day of the CLE which was devoted to legal writing.

The CLE was organized by the Committee on Regional Training ("CORT"). CORT is a consortium of almost all the civil legal services programs in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and West Virginia, which pay dues to support the costs of presenting high quality training specific to the context and needs of legal services lawyers. CORT was formed in 1981 with the leadership of Marjorie McDiarmid, then the Regional Administrator for the Legal Services Corporation. CORT provides a regular curriculum of both skills trainings (Basic Lawyer Skills, Negotiations, Litigation Planning, Trial Skills, etc) and substantive law events.

On the second day, devoted to Appellate Advocacy, Justice Larry Starcher participated in a panel discussion with other judges entitled: “Judges Panel: The Way We See It.”