Professor Caroline Osborne and Librarian Stephanie Miller Post New Article on Scholarly Impact to SSRN

West Virginia University College of Law professor Caroline Osborne and librarian Stephanie Miller co-authored a new articled titled "The Scholarly Impact Matrix: An Empirical Study of How Multiple Metrics Create an Informed Story of a Scholar's Work". The paper was first presented as part of The Kathrine R. Everett Law Library Scholarship Series in April 2020 and is now posted on SSRN.

From the abstract:

This article analyzes data collected in an empirical study of citation metrics. Between February 1, 2019 and April 30, 2019, the authors collected citation data from Google Scholar, HeinOnline, Westlaw, Lexis, SSRN, and Digital Commons repositories on randomly selected faculty members at U.S. law schools for the purpose of answering questions regarding fit and utility of citation metrics. Analysis of the citation data examines the impact of adoption of scholarly profiles, gender, and stage in the profession, and discipline, on exposure on citation with the conclusion that exposure results in increased citations.