Research Repository Update: September 2021

During September 2021, the contents of the WVU College of Law community in the Research Repository @ WVU had 10,143 new full-text downloads of the 5,653 total works archived in our collections. Readers came from 865 different institutions across 136 different countries. This brings the total full-text downloads of scholarship from the College of Law collections to 262,152.

The most downloaded faculty scholarship in September 2021:

Geographic Discrimination: Of Place, Space, Hillbillies, and Home by William Rhee and Stephen Scott

The United Postal Service—The One Word that Makes all the Difference by Jena Martin and Matthew Titolo

Raining on the Litigation Parade: Is It Time to Stop Litigant Abuse of the Fraud on the Court Doctrine? by Hollee Temple

Data Privacy Issues in West Virginia and Beyond: A Comprehensive Overview by Jena Martin

Reckoning: A Dialogue about Racism, AntiRacists, and Business & Human Rights by Erika George, Jena Martin, and Tara Van Ho

The most downloaded articles from the West Virginia Law Review in September 2021:

People of the State of Illinois vs. John Gacy: The Functioning of the Insanity Defense at the Limits of the Criminal Law by Donald H. Herman, Helen L. Morrison, Yvonne Sor, Julie A. Norman & David M. Neff

Drafting a Contract Mining Agreement--The Owner's Perspective by Charles Q. Gage 

Different Shades of Bias: Skin Tone, Implicit Racial Bias, and Judgments of Ambiguous Evidence by Justin D. Levinson & Danielle Young

A Survey of the Law of Easements in West Virginia by John W. Fisher II

A History of the Untied States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia by Forest J. Bowman Esq.