Professor Amy Cyphert Joins Expert Panel on the Use of GPT-3 in Law

On February 8, 2023, West Virginia University College of Law professor Amy Cyphert joined a panel of experts to discuss the implications of GPT-3 in law. Professor Cyphert was joined by speakers Matthias Braun of the Universität Bonn, Ramak Molavi Vass, author of The Law Technologist, and Laura Weidinger of DeepMind and the University of Cambridge.

A flyer for the program titled "Unlocking the Potential of GPT-3 in the Legal Sphere".  The program date is February 8, 2023 and the speakers were Matthias Braun, Amy Cyphert, Mamak Molavi Vasse'i and Laura Weidinger.

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A headshot of Professor Amy Cyphert