Professor Sean Tu Presents at IPWatchdog Webinar

On October 15, 2020, West Virginia University College of Law Professor Sean Tu spoke on a panel titled "Myths of Litigated Patents" hosted by IPWatchdog and LexisNexis IP. The panelists discussed which types of examiners tend to issue patents that later undergo litigation, the issues at stake during prosecution for different types of examiners and how this knowledge can impact a prosecution process.

Watch the panel discussion below and find Professor Tu's latest scholarship on patent prosecution on SSRN.

Patenting Fast and Slow: Examiner and Applicant Use of Prior Art, published in the Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal , volume 38.

Patenting Fast and Slow: Examiner Rejections and Applicant Traversals to Non-Prior Art Rejections, forthcoming in the Michigan State Law Review.