Professor Sean Tu Publishes Open Source Patent Law Casebook

West Virginia University College of Law Professor Sean Tu has contributed to a newly published open access Patent Law casebook. Patent Law: An Open-Source Casebook is available to download from SSRN and from Professor Tu is a chapter editor for the text.

From the editors:

Less than a handful of casebooks are truly open source, in the sense of being fully modifiable. Patent Law: An Open-Source Casebook is the first patent law casebook that provides adopting professors, students, and others the ability to fully modify its contents.

Topics covered in the casebook include the history, economics, and theory of patent law; the patent and its claims; subject matter eligibility; utility; disclosure; anticipation; obviousness; infringement; defenses; remedies; and (soon) post-issuance challenges, ownership, and licensing. The casebook also includes many student problems that provide practical applications of these topics.

Find more of Professor Tu's scholarship on SSRN.