WVU College of Law SSRN Paper Series Publishes Volume 9, Issue 1

The West Virginia University College of Law Research Paper Series published Volume 9, Issue 1 on April 13, 2021. The following authors were featured for their scholarship recently published to SSRN:

Shine Tu, Patent Examination and Examiner Interviews.

Valarie Blake, Sex Discrimination in Healthcare: Section 1557 and LGBTQ Rights After Bostock.

Amy Cyphert, Reprogramming Recidivism: The First Step Act and Algorithmic Prediction of Risk.

Anne Marie Lofaso, Empathy for the Vulnerable? The Fourth Circuit's Internal Struggle to Grapple With the Trump Administration's Immigration Policies: Part I and Part II (with Isabella Anderson, Anna Filatova, Blake Humphery, McKenna Meadows, and Brice Phillips).

Jesse Richardson, Turtles All the Way Down : A Clearer Understanding of the Scope of Waters of the United States Based on the United States Supreme Court Decisions.

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