Professor Charles DiSalvo Posts New Work on Climate Change and Civil Disobedience to SSRN

West Virginia University College of Law professor Charles DiSalvo posted a new work to SSRN. The article, "Climate Change Disobedience", is forthcoming in the University of Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy. It will appear in print in 2020.

From the abstract:

Among those who recognize climate change as an existential threat, some are willing to take dramatic action against it by committing civil disobedience. Activists, such as those taking part in the Extinction Rebellion in the United Kingdom, are willing to exchange their liberty for some putative good.

There is no discussion in the disobedience literature of the discrete purposes of climate disobedience or the principles by which climate activists ought to be guided in seeking to fulfill those purposes.

This Article takes on that task.

After offering an overview of the purposes of disobedience, this Article isolates those purposes relevant to a climate disobedience campaign, identifies those principles by which climate disobedients should abide to achieve the purposes most attainable by climate disobedience, analyzes a serious limitation inherent in climate disobedience, and suggests measures to counteract the effects of the limitation. Finally, it critically examines Extinction Rebellion with a view to more effective future disobedience.