Professor Joshua Weishart Presents at National Education Finance Academy Conference

West Virginia University College of Law Professor Joshua Weishart recently presented at the National Education Finance Academy Annual Conference. The conference was held virtually on April 6-9, 2021. Professor Weishart's session was titled "IEPs for All: Democratic, Equitable, & Respectful Remedy".

From the program:

Demands to “reimagine education” during a pandemic-shattered era of uncertainty and division present an opportunity to take seriously a constitutional remedy that can democratize education rights: an individualized education plan (IEP) for all schoolchildren. Borrowing a process from its namesake in special education law, the IEPs-for-all remedy signals that all education is special by giving students a voice and teachers more autonomous choices over how to address their students’ needs, capacities, and interests. Retooled for data collection, the IEP can fill critical knowledge gaps about educational needs, interventions, and effective instructional practices to better inform researchers, educators, and policymakers about how to deliver an adequate, equitable, and democratic education.

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