Research Repository Update: May 2022

During May 2022, the contents of the WVU College of Law community in the Research Repository @ WVU had 12,354 new full-text downloads of the 5,698 total works archived in our collections. Readers came from 1,053 different institutions across 150 different countries. This brings the total full-text downloads of scholarship from the College of Law collections to 349,636.

The most downloaded articles from the faculty scholarship collection in May  2022:

Geographic Discrimination: Of Place, Space, Hillbillies, and Home by William Rhee and Stephen Scott, 79 new downloads. 

The Carbon Storage Future of Public Lands by Tara Righetti, Jesse Richardson, Kris Koski, and Sam Taylor, 73 new downloads.

Reckoning: A Dialogue about Racism, AntiRacists, and Business & Human Rights by Erika George, Jena Martin, and Tara Van Ho, 58 new downloads.

An Analysis of Mandatory Hookup Law: Cases & Statutes by Jesse Richardson, 57 downloads.

Reprogramming Recidivism: The First Step Act and Algorithmic Prediction of Risk by Amy Cyphert, 52 new downloads.

The most downloaded articles from the West Virginia Law Review in May 2022:

People of the State of Illinois vs. John Gacy: The Functioning of the Insanity Defense at the Limits of the Criminal Law by Donald H. Herman, Helen L. Morrison, Yvonne Sor, Julie A. Norman & David M. Neff, 1082 new downloads.

Drafting a Contract Mining Agreement--The Owner's Perspective by Charles Q. Gage, 311 new downloads.  

A Survey of the Law of Easements in West Virginia by John W. Fisher II, 198 new downloads. 

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later: Double-Tapping Under the Laws of War by Stephen W. Simpson, 129 new downloads.

Different Shades of Bias: Skin Tone, Implicit Racial Bias, and Judgments of Ambiguous Evidence by Justin D. Levinson & Danielle Young, 113 new downloads.