Professor Jesse Richardson Talks Ag Law Lessons from Yellowstone on Ag Law in the Field Podcast

West Virginia University College of Law professor Jesse Richardson was recently interviewed by Tiffany Lashmet on Ag Law in the Field with Professor.  The podcast is an interview series examining issues in agricultural law.  In episode 145 of the podcast, Professor Richardson and Jim Bradbury discuss the lessons learned from the TV series Yellowstone.

Professor Richardson has been featured on the podcast before in episode 137, discussing the upcoming SCOTUS term (2022),   episode 107 discussing the interstate water wars and SCOTUS (2021),  episode 58 discussing the pros and cons of conservation easements (2019), episode 26 discussing regulatory takings (2018) and in episode 9 on exempt wells (2017).

Find more of Professor Richardson's scholarship on his SelectedWorks profile.

Headshot of Professor Jesse Richardson