WVU College of Law SSRN Paper Series Publishes Volume 11, Issue 1

The West Virginia University College of Law Research Paper Series published Volume 11, Issue 1 on May 16, 2023. The following authors were featured for their new scholarship recently published to SSRN:

Joshua E. Weishart, Brief of Amici Curiae Constitution and Education Law Scholars in Support of Respondents in West Virginia v. Beaver, No. 2023-001

Anne Marie Lofaso, When Does the National Labor Relations Act Preempt a State Tort Claim for Property Damage Arising from Workers’ Alleged Failure to Take Precautions to Protect Employer Property before Going on Strike?, No. 2023-002

Anne Marie Lofaso, Alternatives to Mainstream Alternative Dispute Resolution: Eliminating Forced Arbitration Agreements as a Condition of Employment, No. 2023-003

Jesse Richardson, Country Roads, Take Me to Home Rule, No. 2023-004

S. Sean Tu,  Recent Patent Reform Bills and Their Implications for Prescription Drugs, No. 2023-005

S. Sean Tu et al.,  Next-Generation Bioprinted Products: Products of Nature or Patentable Innovation?, No. 2023-006

S. Sean Tu & Tess Hardesty, Gender Inequality in Pharmaceutical Patent Law, No. 2023-007

Amy Cyphert & Jena Martin, “A Change is Gonna Come:” Developing a Liability Framework for Social Media Algorithmic Amplification, No. 2023-007

S. Sean Tu & Ameet Sarpatwari, A 'Method of Use' to Prevent Generic and Biosimilar Market Entry, No. 2023-008

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