WVU Law at SEALS: Monday, July 24, 2023

This week, WVU Law faculty members are presenting and discussing their scholarship at the 2023 SEALS Annual Meeting in Boca Raton, Florida. On Monday, July 24, 2023, Professor Caroline Osborne participated in two discussion groups at the conference.

Professor Osborne was first a discussant in a program titled "Legal Research on the NextGen Bar Exam" moderated by Professor Kristina L. Niedringhaus of Georgia State University College of Law.

From the program:

The discussion group addresses the most recent developments in the move to test legal research on the NextGen Bar Exam. The first administration of the NextGen Bar Exam is currently planned for 2026. Discussion centers on ideas for teaching, training, and programming to support student development of legal research skills in response to legal research testing on the bar exam.

Second, Professor Osborne participated in the program, "Tell Librarians What Works for You - Getting Support for Teaching and Scholarship" as the moderator.

From the program:

This discussion group addresses the question of faculty/library engagement, considering tools and services that effectively support teaching and scholarship. Topics of discussion will include:Current Awareness--How do you keep up with developments in the law in the areas in which you teach or write? Library Outreach--What times during the school year might be best for library outreach? Availability/Communication--What is effective communication for the faculty member and the library? Promotion and Dissemination of Scholarship--Do you want libraries to promote your scholarship? Other--How can the library give you an edge? Are there library services that would facilitate productivity or are otherwise useful that you do not have access to?

Find more of Professor Osborne's scholarship on SSRN and his SelectedWorks scholarship profile.

A headshot of Professor Caroline Osborne