WVU College of Law SSRN Paper Series Publishes Volume 11, Issue 3

The West Virginia University College of Law Research Paper Series published Volume 11, Issue 3 on December 15, 2023. The following authors were featured for their new scholarship recently published to SSRN:

Anne Marie Lofaso, Under the Sarbanes–Oxley Act, Must Whistleblower–Employees Prove Their Employer Acted With Retaliatory Intent?, No. 2023-018

S. Sean Tu, et al., Changes in the Number of Continuation Patents on Drugs Approved by the FDA between 2000-2015, No. 2023-019

S. Sean Tu, et al., The Prevalence of Drug Patent Term Extensions in the United States, 2000-2018, No. 2023-020

S. Sean Tu & Rebecca Tushnet, Free Speech Challenges to the Inflation Reduction Act, No. 2023-021

Anne Marie Lofaso & Martin H. Malin The Supreme Court, The First Amendment, and the Erosion of Public Employer Managerial Authority, No. 2023-022

Amy Cyphert, Sam Perl, & S. Sean Tu,  Artificial Intelligence Cannibalism and the Law , No. 2023-023

Anne Marie Lofaso, Does Title VII Prohibit Discrimination in Employment-Transfer Decisions Only if They Cause Materially Significant Disadvantages for Employees?,  No. 2023-024

Michael Carrier & S. Sean Tu, Why Pharmaceutical Patent Thickets are Unique , No. 2023-025

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